During the latter part of 1926, it became apparent that a large number of the masons living and working in the Petworth neighborhood who attended Joppa lodge No 35 were not members of any local lodge. The idea to form a lodge with a distinctive neighborhood character was proposed with the blessing and sponsorship of Joppa lodge No. 35. Led by Bros. Timothy Tincher, James Yaden, Harmon H Hill, Richard E Vincent and Herbert W Ludwig, civic leaders in the neighborhood, a petition sign by eighty-eight brethren was presented to the Grand lodge and a dispensation was granted to Petworth lodge by the Grand Master, MWB Sidney Jacobs on the 16th of December 1926. The first meeting was held on January 6 1926, with Bro. Harmon H Hill as the First Master, Bro. Richard E Vincent as Senior Warden and Bro. Herbert W Ludwig as Junior Warden. With the reception of petitions at following meetings, the first EA degree was conferred on 20th January 1927. A total of twenty –seven Brethren were raised while the lodge was under dispensation. On May 11th 1927 the Grand Lodge voted and signed a charter giving Petworth lodge No 47 full right to operate as a constituent lodge under the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. Subsequently, on June 2nd 1927 Petworth lodge was consecrated by MWB Gratz E Dunkum, Grand Master of Masons the District of Columbia.